Pinebud powder


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Food supplement. Natural source of vitamin C. Without additives.

Already centuries ago Native Americans appreciated tea from pine buds.

Pine bud tea pleases your senses in this busy and fast-paced life. You can smell and taste the true nature picked from Estonian forest. Pine buds stimulates and soothes the respiratory function.


100% freeze-dried pine buds in powder form. Freeze-dried herbs lock in their bountiful nutrients, taste and odor and retain their healthy properties. Freeze-dried herbs can be consumed all year long.

Weight: 30 g. Store in a dry place.

Suggestions for use

Pine bud powder is ideal for making a tea, mixing into meat dishes, marinades and sauces, or seasoning fish.

0,5 teaspoon of powder mixed with hot water or with your favourite tea. Wait for 5 minutes to enjoy.

Pine bud powder can be mixed into meat dishes, marinades and sauces, seasoning sh or added to smoothies (the recommended daily consumption is 1-2 teaspoon per day). Herbal teas should be consumed 2-3 cups every day for three weeks in a row.

Pine bud powder is antibacterial and ideal for aroma therapy and herbal baths.

Nutritional Information

A healthy diet and lifestyle is based on the diverse diet! Daily recommended consumption should not be exceeded. Food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children!

for 100g

Energy: 1641kJ /387kcal, Fat: 3,9g, (of which saturated fat 1,7g), Carbohydrate: 75g, (of which sugars 7g), Protein: 13g, Salt: 0g, Vitamin C: 234mg (292%) *

* % of nutrient reference value (NRV)

Consists essential oils: 1,0mg

for 30g

Energy: 492kJ /116kcal, Fat: 1,2g, (of which saturated fat 0,5g), Carbohydrate: 23g, (of which sugars 2g), Protein: 4g, Salt: 0g, Vitamin C: 70mg (87%) *

* % of nutrient reference value (NRV)

Consists essential oils: 0,3mg

for serving size 1,5g

Energy: 25kJ /6kcal, Fat: 0,06g, (of which saturated fat 0,03g), Carbohydrate: 1g, (of which sugars 0,1g), Protein: 0,2g, Salt: 0g, Vitamin C: 3,5mg (4%) *

* % of nutrient reference value (NRV)

Consists essential oils: 0,02mg