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Come and have your share in the global success with Chaga Health

Popularity and consumption of natural products has been growing fast over the past years. Large pharmaceutical companies are focusing more and more on food supplements in their everyday product development which hold an enormous potential in the market. Chaga Health Elementar Elixir, the superstar of our portfolio, is the product which brings together the wisdom of our ancestors, folk medicine and modern science.

CEO and partner of Chaga OÜ Siim Kabrits: “I dream of making Estonia bigger in the world. By exporting valuable berries, herbs, birch sap, delicious apples and natural products which have been brought under a strong brand. By introducing values from the clean Estonian environment. By initiating one of the Estonian narratives, a movement know as Organic Estonia. Our limited northern and organic natural resource is becoming a quality-labeled deficit in the world. But this is exactly the unique selling point of the product family brought to the market under Chaga Health brand.”

While celebrating new year and making plans for the upcoming 365 days it is crucial to think about the year in terms of business success. Until today Estonia has been our test market and growth platform before heading out to export markets. 2019 is the year we wish to expand into new foreign markets and in this respect we have decided to joined Funderbeam investment platform. This gives small investors the possibility to be involved in our growth and plans to become internationally known success-story. The investment amount starts from 500 EUR.

You will find more information: Funderbeam.com