Chaga plantation establishment

An innovative and sustainable approach in forestry

Why should you grow Chaga mushroom?


Growing medicinal mushrooms will be an essential part of forestry in the future. Growing Chaga creates a new kind of revenue and provides an opportunity to reduce expenses related to land taxes.

Ecological footprint

Ambition to value Estonian forests and support ecological balance. Instead of cutting forests down, it can be productive as a mushroom plantation.


Chaga Health elixirs support our immune system and reduce inflammatory processes. High-quality raw material is essential for producing the elixir. There are a few existing natural environments in the world with so many good conditions and as clean as Estonia. That is why it is possible to grow and harvest such high-quality medicinal mushrooms in Estonia.

How to grow Chaga mushroom?

  • Chaga grows on birch trees. In order to establish a Chaga plantation, you should have birch trees with minimum diameter 10-12 cm.
  • We have ordered Chaga dowels from one of the top mycelia laboratories in Europe. For the basis of the development, we have sent them a Chaga mushroom from Estonia, which they duplicate on wooden dowels.
  • The Chaga dowels are planted into drilled 5 cm holes on birch trees. One birch tree will get on average 3-5 planting holes, where the dowels are put in. The holes are drilled not higher than 2 meters, this allows the tree to be used later for making paper or for firewood.
  • Birches can be harvested 3 times in every 6-8 years. Chaga grows back on the same place, where it is harvested. Which means that there is one inoculation process that will produce many harvests as long as the tree is vital.


What kind of birch forest is suitable?

  • The forest around your house or farm
  • Boggy areas
  • Birch forests where the minimum diameter of trees is 10 cm

How profitable is this cultivation?

According to the experience of the Finnish, the net productivity of one ha of birch forest during 20 years is ca 900-1550 € per year, depending on the number of planted dowels. The total productivity of this period will be ca 25000 € for an average forest.

What to do with the harvest?

The best part of a forest valuation project for the forest owners is that Chaga OÜ takes responsibility to buy back the harvested Chaga mushrooms!
Our cooperating partner for establishing Chaga plantations is one of the world-leading laboratories Mycelia in Belgium. Mycelia was established in 1985 by the mycologist Magda Verfaillie. The main activities of Mycelia include producing mycelia and research and development.

Chaga farming education day video

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