Reet Härmat

Chaga Elemental Elixir should be mandatory for all of us

A beautyholic with an enormous amount of energy for life and beauty, Reet Härmat, has been consistently using Chaga Elemental Elixir already for years. The elixir made of Chaga mushroom, yarrow, pine buds and other herbal extracts belongs to her range of health products because Reet knows that beauty comes from the inside.

Coming from a small fishing village of Nasva, Reet has grown up together with nature. This is why the well-known make-up artist values what our ancestors knew already hundreds of years ago – the power of nature helps to maintain health and restore the beauty that can be lost due to the rapid pace of today’s work-life and stress. “We have reached the point when the environment around us is very vulnerable and the environmental problems such as air pollution, affect also the way we look and how we feel.” Reet adds: “I have been a consistent consumer of Chaga Elemental Elixir because I sense with my body, how the ingredients of this food supplement represent the true superstars of our domestic nature.” Reet also commends the anti-ageing effects of the elixir: “New energy and glowing skin speak for themselves”.

Reet says that having been in the beauty world for so long, she sees how there is increasing implementation of nature when developing beauty products. Reet reveals one of the sources of her stunning appearance – Chaga elixir: “In order to find the energy supplies lost during the long working days, the elixir is the best option. My organism recovers faster and I can feel how the power and strength grow in me.”


Make your blood flow with a magic shot


The elixir of “eternal youth” was introduced to Reet by a good friend, one of the developers of the Chaga elixir, Anu Adermann. Reet tells about Chaga while her looks speak for herself: “I was aware of the power of Chaga mushroom before because it has been used as an effective immune system enhancer in the folk medicine of Russia and China already for hundreds of years. The Chaga mushroom contains extraordinarily large amounts of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) that is one of the most powerful antioxidants, B vitamins and proteins. It is possible to buy Birch polypore from the pharmacies, but making a tea or infusion yourself is very time-consuming and the result does not have a very pleasant taste. When I first tried Elemental Elixir, I realized what I needed. A little magic shot in the morning, lunchtime and evening is what makes the blood flow and gets a twinkle in your eyes.”

Reet sees from her own experience that the elixir has kept her healthy, away from the viruses and inflammation and it acts just as doping for the immune system. “The melanin in Chaga is considered one of the most powerful agents for a youthful body. Melanin is responsible for ensuring that our eye colour doesn’t fade when we age. Additionally, it protects the skin from all sorts of damage and is beneficial for our hair, effectively strengthening our central nervous system and significantly improving sleep quality. I can feel like I can do more and I’m more positive”, says Reet bursting with energy.