The javelin thrower and Chaga Heath investor Magnus Kirt

As a person from Tõrva, I am thrilled when something originated from here goes to the wide world

Tõrva, located in southern Estonia, close to the border with Latvia, has placed Estonia onto the big world map. The javelin thrower, Magnus Kirt, from Tõrva, has flung the homeland onto the big sports arena and the same small town is the birthplace and production site of Chaga Health elixirs. The two strong ones, Magnus and Chaga, have now started cooperating with each other. Chaga will be the background force of Magnus for the next four years. In addition, a special edition of the Chaga Health elixir, with the signature of Magnus, will reach the stores.

Magnus’ name does not need introduction. He has been for two times the Estonian male athlete of the year, he is the javelin throwing record owner in Estonia, won the bronze medal at the 2018 European Championship, as well as the silver medal at the 2019 World Championship. The titles and success that can be listed are endless, but Magnus is not a man of many words. He lets the results speak on his behalf. Athletes often start thinking about their future once they have left the big competitions behind, but Magnus has already taken actions now, at a time when he is still a rising athlete and when his probable career peak has not yet been reached.

Participant in the future of Chaga

For the next four years, Chaga will be the sponsor of Magnus, as he will similarly support Chaga as an investor. In the spring Chaga launched a campaign to attract investors and Magnus was one of the persons who decided to contribute to the growth and success of the company.

Magnus and the owner of Chaga, Siim Kabrits, although both from Tõrva, actually met only a few years ago. “I met Siim by chance in Tõrva, precisely before they opened their production facility”, recalls Magnus and adds: “He then spoke about his activities, after which all the events gradually started developing. I initially tried the product and therefore acquainted myself more with the activities of the company and became familiar with their plans.”


Magnus as an investor of Chaga

By the way, Magnus has studied in the field of business at the Tallinn University of Technology: “I am still rather green in investing, but as in sport, I try to keep my eyes and ears open and to educate myself. Investment is such a wide area, which never can be fully learned. One needs to find one’s own favourite fields and understand these in depth.”

The two time Estonian male athlete of the year believes that it is certainly important to always think a couple of steps ahead in life, as a carefully considered investment provides a good prerequisite for the future. “My understanding has always been that very careful consideration must be given to where to, what and what for, is spent”, presents Magnus his principles of handling his own money.

The idea of becoming an investor in Chaga was precisely supported by a very strong patriotism for his hometown. Tõrva is close to the heart of Magnus, as he has grown up there and the javelin thrower has very many positive memories related to the place. “I feel the community support, even now when I compete in the big competitions. It is for me like an extra gear, which to use. I have for 11 years already been training in Tallinn, but I still identify myself as being from Tõrva, so I am a true fan of Tõrva.” This was the impulse that triggered joint moves with Chaga: “I, as someone originally from Tõrva, am thrilled to see when something originated from this small place goes out into the wide world! Siim and his team are additionally on a very high level and unrealistically committed to making his business widely known all over the world”, Magnus discusses what convinced him to contribute as an investor.

Valuing health

Magnus says that in addition to the love of the home town, an important argument speaking in favour of Chaga is the valuing and supporting of health: “For an athlete, a healthy diet and good health are the basis for everything. Natural products do not damage the organism but strengthen, energise, as well as prevent different diseases or injuries, which are caused by the deficiency of some vitamin.”

Thus the new Chaga Health, Special Edition black currant flavoured elixir, will be accompanied by the name of Magnus. “Health is for athletes, just like for everyone else, the basis of everything. It is precisely for this reason that I drink the Chaga Health elixir that is enriched with the power of plants, supporting immunity”, says Magnus.

Magnus believes that Estonian nature and natural products could revolutionise the world. Estonia is known, even in sporting communities as a place of beautiful nature. “I believe that Estonia has certainly been remembered by other athletes as a country with very rich nature and beauty. Athletes who have been here to compete or in camps, have always been very ecstatic about Estonia”, speaks Magnus, about how special and distinctive Estonia is.

Magnus repeatedly stresses how outstanding is the nature of his home region: “It is in every season very pleasant to spend time in the nature of Tõrva and Southern Estonia. In my opinion, summer in Tõrva is exquisite! To go swimming and to enjoy the morning coffee in the garden in the morning. Then to go to the stadium to train, which in my opinion is located in one of the most beautiful places in Estonia.”