Kerttu Tänav

Immuno Elixir took away my spring fatigue

Approximately ten years ago, Kerttu danced her way into the hearts of Estonians by participating in one of the most popular TV-shows ever seen- Dancing with the Stars. Today she is the owner of Pirita Pilates Stuudio, a renowned and appreciated Pilates and kids’ Zumba instructor and a mum of three. Kerttu is a perfect example of how an active lifestyle helps to remain healthy, optimistic and energetic.

Kerttu, who graduated high school with a silver medal in 2005, is used to tackling many issues at a time. However, what is really enviable is how much effort she puts into all of her endeavours. Having been a professional dancer for years, she had to figure out how to combine tough training sessions and school studies. Kerttu managed just perfectly – countless dance awards and excellent results from school are a proof of that.

Kerttu enrolled in the University in Tartu, accomplishing a degree in law. One thing lead to another and as Kerttu had begun her trainer career as a dance and aerobics instructor in her university days, she started practising Pilates after a leg injury.

“From the moment I got to know what Pilates was, I realised there was no healthier or more efficient way for staying in shape,” Kerttu explains. By now she has trained under internationally renowned instructors and also participated in training and healing workshops of surgeons and physiotherapists.

Kerttu’s first daughter was born six years ago. Two years after giving birth to her first child, another little girl joined the family, and a few years later a baby boy was born. According to Kerttu, being a mum is the best experience in the world. From very early on, Kerttu has injected her kids with love for active living and healthy eating – she knows that it is always better to prevent diseases than to deal with the consequences and the often difficult and time-consuming process of healing. “My family and I spend a lot of time being active outside and every chance we get, we go to our cottage in Pärnu County,” Kerttu says. “I hope my kids can experience nature, becoming one with it.”

This spring, Kerttu found her way to Chaga Health Immuno Elixir by accident. She usually uses the elixir twice a day, depending on how she feels. Normally one treatment period includes consuming 1–2 bottles of Immuno Elixir.

“I am someone who believes that balanced meals and active living are prerequisites for being healthy, happy and energetic,” Kerttu claims. “Just like the training method created by Joseph Pilates provides a basis for our body to strive, Immuno Elixir strengthens the body’s immunity and helps combat spring fatigue. Pure Estonian nature is a brilliant source of vitamins and herbs,” she shares her positive experience with Chaga.