Henessi Schmidt: The way we reach ourselves when contacting nature is the most powerful

The actress Henessi Schmidt has made a conscious choice to be in nature as much as possible. She has for three years under the guidance of Irje Karjus studied the science of herbs and thereby discovered an infinite world which to delve into. There was just recently a reencounter with chaga or the sterile conk trunk rot of birch.

“I have had the great joy of growing up in a small village where I could be outside until the dark of the evening, running between the planting beds, as well as playing detective with the neighbouring children, in the woods that were between the lakes and rivers. We collected snails or looked for kittens in attics, built huts in the forest and went swimming to secret places. There was a lot of adventure and happy lightness in such a childhood. Such a childhood brought me strongly close to country living and offered inner freedom even for the future”, tells Henessi about the role of nature in her childhood and development. This kind of playfulness and connection with the simple earthly joys, also accompanies Henessi as an adult. She feels the most authentic radiance from child-like things that take place in nature, for example, why not in a muddy puddle.

Lean towards nature

Even today, Henessi creates possibilities of being in nature for herself. Even very much so. “Even now when my time in Estonia was limited to pull things together, before travelling to Ireland in the framework of an international movie project, I omitted many meetings for the sake of being in nature”, admits Henessi, adding: “I have made nature a priority for myself. If I have the choice to go to the city to sit with someone or to go into nature for a bush adventure to collect herbs, I still choose nature. It is most wondrous of course, when being in nature can be combined with friends or close ones. Staging processes and rehearsal periods require being in a dark theatre from the light of dawn until late at night. I really feel how the energy level goes down then. People still need the sun and forest air! I still hold as much as I possibly can, towards nature,” describes the actress and nature lover about her connections to the creations of the Creator.

The call of the herbs

Henessi has studied for three years the science of herbs under the guidance of Irje Karjus: “I think that my finding the way to herbs was a natural path for me. I have always tried to listen and hear what interests are inside me and what attracts me. I have continuously followed this calling and thereby discovered an ever growing world which to delve into. This has opened for me very correct paths to take.” The most powerful thing about herbs according to Henessi, is the holistic picture that is created when meeting the plant world.

“When you start understanding how everything is connected. There is so much that can be learned from nature, especially about human nature and about the world of us, “the world of people”. There is in each small world hidden a reflection of the great world”, discusses Henessi. She claims that plants, too, have their own characteristics, their own vibe and inner world. “If you are capable of looking inside yourself and finding the root, the true source of your problem, then you will also find an assistant from amongst the plants who will support you. You, always in the case of problems,  must look for the roots – from where everything begins. Hidden in reaching the roots is knowledge. How we reach back to ourselves through nature is the most powerful”, says Henessi about the power of nature that she is continually learning to hear and notice more.

Another lead

Henessi has together with Irje Karjus in her herb school also treated chaga. “I was in Lapland when I found a chaga mushroom on a birch tree and took it with me. I thought to myself that I will start doing all kinds of magic with it, but at that time nothing came of it. I am, however, very happy that I have the possibility to delve into the world of chaga again, through the elixirs of Chaga Health. This is again another great lead”, speaks Henessi about her more conscious encounter with chaga.

Henessi describes her first encounter with the Chaga elixirs, while laughing: “Well, Chaga’s elixirs taste so good, so the first thing I am going to ask is if taking it three times a day is the maximum? What will happen when I take more? I don’t drink much alcohol, so now it is especially nice that when the girls visit we can take shots together! And in the morning, I’m already smirking that I can do another Chaga shot. A nice little additional ritual. It is especially great when something that is good for your health at the same time tastes really good too. That is a complete symbiosis! I like the elixir with black currants the most. The traditional Elemental version at the same time allows one to feel the true old primal power.”

Meeting with the real part

Henessi believes that what has already revealed itself on a physical level is the result and reflection of our inner world. It is a holistic unity. “We all have a path in life that we must take. An important part of this is development and meeting the real part of yourself. Should we deviate from this path and not notice what our heart, body or inner self tells us, then diseases start developing, mental as well as physical. If we do not notice our inner path, life reminds us to go back to the right direction”, believes Henessi, whose most important health ritual is self-reflection and introspection.

“Observing at what moments I am off centre, do or say something that does not come from the most honest place. Then you must put a finger on it and figure it out where it comes from. Mistakes and perversions are very valuable. Through them the way back to our true self can be found. The biggest secret about health is being in contact with one’s real nature and being real. Problems arise if such contacts are lost. Listening to oneself and being honest about oneself are extremely important, the basis of everything. This deep wisdom exists in ourselves. You just have to listen to it”, teaches  Henessi on how to notice one’s inner self.

Henessi does yoga, meditates, tries to eat well and spend quality time with people with whom she really wants to be with. “I try not to do things that do not make me happy. I  try not to do things for the sake of others or proving to others. Creation is certainly one of my ways of keeping balance. Herbal rituals and small witchery also make every day a little more fairy tale like”, describes Henessi when I ask about how she supports her mental and physical wellbeing.

Henessi believes that nobody is above nature and the Creator. “I believe that a time will come when man understands the importance of nature and that nature can live without us, but we cannot live without it. It remains to be seen what kind of a wake up we need…
I would like to hope that we will understand this sooner rather than later. But supposedly we will be able to learn and experience precisely what we need to.”