Enn Tobreluts

With the Chaga Health Elemental Elixir I can face autumn healthily

Enn Tobreluts, the most valued barbeque master in Estonia, knows from experience that in addition to a versatile diet, the body needs a few extra charges from time to time to stay healthy and keep away from stress. That is why the Chaga Health Elemental Elixir belongs to his health arsenal already for years.

One saying is very appropriate when talking and writing about Enn: the more you do the more you can. In addition to being valued in Estonia, Enn has made a name for himself also abroad. Enn is one of the owners of restaurants Pull and Härg, the sole owner of catering company BBQ Entertainment OÜ and a worthy consultant for the meat industry. Enn enriches the domestic barbeque world in every way – he is also one of the main creators of this world in Estonia. This has brought an outstanding recognition, Enn has been entitled with a lifetime achievement award “Contribution to developing Estonian barbeque culture”.


The body starts to forget summer

The tempo that accompanies Enn’s activities is bewildering. Enn knows he couldn’t afford to be sick. He has therefore been using the frontrunner of food supplements, Chaga Health Elemental Elixir, that is made of nature’s best offerings – Chaga mushroom, yarrow, pine buds and other herbal extracts. Enn describes how he stays healthy: “I feel how the elixir gives me energy and increases my immunity. I cannot afford to be sick. There is a lot of daily work, both physical work on caterings, behind the oven and the computer. I resist the fast tempo with Chaga Health Elemental Elixir, it helps me to avoid viruses and cold. It is particularly important now, in the autumn, when the body starts losing its energy reserves from summer.”

Enn uses the elixir in the form of course where he uses the food supplement three times a day. Enn shares his personal experience with Chaga elixirs: “I am glad that I have also been able to infect several of my colleagues with my Chaga-love. However, the biggest fans are my parents. I introduced them the elixir several years ago and after that, they have not experienced any symptoms common for the autumn and winter time.”

The additional support to healthy nutrition from nature

Enn says: “One of the pillars of strong health is a right and diverse balanced diet. Today’s rapid pace of life and contaminated environment weaken our immune system and make it susceptible to different diseases. I believe in nature’s ability to provide protection and support to the organism. Chaga’s elixirs contain well-known frontrunners of folk medicine and I certainly agree with our ancestors who fought with and prevented diseases with the help and support from nature.”

Photos: Andres Tali and private collection