The story of Chaga Ltd in “Eesti Naine” magazine (June 2015)

CHAGA OÜ was born in Mulgimaa created by the two persons. One of them, Siim Kabrits, had experience already more than a decade with wild berries among with export to Asia. Part of the customers are Japanese pharmaceutical companies, which use such as high antioxidant level bilberries to produce eye medicines and food supplements.

The company’s second founder Priit Põldar was then struggling with health problems. He used classical medical treatment, but started to consume also Elemental Elixir. Chaga is considered in ancient folk remedy one of the most powerful anticancer medicinal mushroom. Inspired of the treatment process, together they started to explore, develop and produce of Elemental Elixir. Handmade manufacturing it is now in Passi farmhouse at Tuhalaane village.

Chaga Ltd

Photographer: Kristjan Lepp

“Scientists say that in milled chaga has been found nearly 40 times more antioxidants than in bilberries”, says Siim Kabrits. “Chaga has played a key role in folk medicine for centuries. Now we started to figure it out with the help of modern technology and science how it is comfortable to use it today. We have found that well milled and dried chaga grinding is easy to add into most ordinary daily-meal or drinks. Chaga is also the main ingredient of Elemental Elixir.

Chaga Mushrooms power

Photographer: William Ismael

“When, CHAGA OÜ one of the founders, Siim began to deal with natural products, I thought in the beginning very skeptical, that he is gone weird though now”, admits many years worked as a manager of a pharmaceutical company, with medical education Anu Adermann. “Only now I realize that he was just several step ahead of me. Although I am a doctor by education – two feet firmly on the ground, and have faith on drugs – I do not preclude the alternative. For example chaga elixir is consumed in our family for decades already. I had a close relative with cancer, and my mother found an ancient recipe of chaga. If anyone had a problem, then chaga elixir was used. I have also consumed for a decade now once or two times in a year this elixir and it has helped me to cope with the stress. Although when required, I will take the antibiotics. The classic and alternative medicine should not opposite each other.”

Before investing in company Anu wanted to explore some the doctor’s opinion about chaga products. Upon receipt of the response from the known oncologist Olav Tammiku “Anu, the herbs has been used to treat thousands of years, why it should be different now?” Anu was convinced itself. “True, there is no proof based study paying millions, but we should not underestimate our ancestors observations throughout centuries! Some cancer patients have now asked me whether they do not have to go to hospital anymore. I always answer: you have to do all that your doctor says! Of course do the necessary surgery, radiation therapy, and more. We can not allow anyone to write on a CHAGA website: chaga elixir healed me from melanoma! Our body has tumor cells all the time available. It depends of our immunity if it will develop into malignant tumors. If immunity is strong, then the tumor should not occur. I believe that with our ideas, we create our future.”

Elemental Elixir

Elemental Eliksiir 1.5L full course

Our body has tumor cells all the time available. It depends of our immunity if it will develop into malignant tumors. If immunity is strong, then the tumor should not occur. I believe that with our ideas, we create our future.”

Traveling around the world Anu realized that our country and pure forest seems so obvious to us sometimes, but in fact, it is a rarity. “We should value more that comes from our fields and forests! Feed your body with the Estonian grown food. A healthy and balanced diet must come through the love of oneself. If you love your body, then You do not want to harm yourself. It is so simple as that!”

CHAGA OÜ picks and freeze-dries bilberries, lingonberries and pine buds. Powder of pine buds can be mixed with hot water or tea or used in marinades to flavor meat and fish dishes, as well as the bath water. “The technology of freeze-drying allows the berries to retain all their beneficial properties derived from nature”, notes Siim Kabrits. “Briefly explaining this means that the berries placed in a special cistern for 24 to 48 hours, where the temperature is reduced to -50 degrees. In such cold weather it begins to separate from berries slowly the water out and will come preferential the possibility with the vacuum pump to suck out only water. Freeze-dried lingonberries and bilberries are suitable as tasty snacks, added to muesli, smoothies and confectionary. Freeze-dried fruits are the simplest products offered by company.” Siim Kabrits: “In addition we have a serie of freeze-dried powders (spruce shoots, pine buds, bilberry leaves), which has become a big favorite among with gourmet chefs and also among with those who evaluate nature. According to Eva Maran, who is responsible of the Asian export, are CHAGA OÜ products worth to represent Estonia in Asia.


Magazine “Eesti Naine” June 2015

Text: Krista Kiin
Photographs: Kristjan Lepp

Our ancestors have always had the knowledge of  using herbs. We use folk wisdom and bequeathed recipes in addition, we give our best to find the so far undiscovered pearls from nature. We generate and offer natural food supplements.

We are dedicated offering the highest quality. In the case of herbs, it is essential to know where and when they should be collected, the components may differ regionally and on the level of ripeness. First and foremost, we collect the herbs from Estonia, but if needed also from the pure nature preferably of the Nordic countries.

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