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Boost your day with Immuno Elixir

High in vitamin C, chaga and sea buckthorn the new Immuno Elixir improves the general immunity and helps to prevent diseases during cold season. Extracted from the north.

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Immuno elixir

NEW! Immuno Elixir

Organic food supplement high in vitamin C, chaga, sea buckthorn, herbs and honey boosts energy, restores the exhausted organism, strenghtens the immune system and is suitable for children from 3 years of age. A natural remedy to help to prevent diseases during cold season.

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Elemental eliksiir

Elemental Elixir

This organic food supplement contains chaga, the king of medicinal mushrooms. We’ve teamed it up with other bioactive ingredients: aloe, honey,  pine buds and yarrow. Original heritage recipe based energy booster which restores an exhausted organism. 500ml (alc 6%).

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Roots & people

Our elixir is the product of pure Nordic wilderness and a family that knows its powers well. For more than a century, their ancestral recipe has kept the family healthier and helped create this company. The plants and honey we use are hand-harvested in Estonia (and Northern Italy, for aloe) by people we love and trust — our ambassadors in organic woodlands.

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Kerttu Tänav
Pilates trainer, mother of three

“I am someone who believes that balanced meals and active living are prerequisites for being healthy, happy and energetic,” Kerttu claims. “Just like the training method created by Joseph Pilates provides a basis for our body to strive, Immuno Elixir strengthens the body’s immunity and helps combat spring fatigue. Pure Estonian nature is a brilliant source of vitamins and herbs”

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What we learn, we share. Stories, inspiration, discoveries, and science.

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Tradition & science

When our ancestors’ bodies needed help, they used natural cures. Since then, science has cracked the code behind many bioactive compounds, but the job is far from finished. Our R&D partners in this quest are Eurofins and BioCC. Read on to see what recent science says about the plants we use.

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