High in vitamin C, chaga and sea buckthorn the new Immuno Elixir improves the general immunity and helps to prevent diseases during cold season. Extracted from the north.
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Roots & people

Our elixir is the product of pure Nordic wilderness and a family that knows its powers well. For more than a century, their ancestral recipe has kept the family healthier and helped create this company. The plants and honey we use are hand-harvested in Estonia (and Northern Italy, for aloe) by people we love and trust — our ambassadors in organic woodlands.
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Tradition & science

When our ancestors’ bodies needed help, they used natural cures. Since then, science has cracked the code behind many bioactive compounds, but the job is far from finished. Our R&D partners in this quest are Eurofins and BioCC. Read on to see what recent science says about the plants we use.
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