Chagahealth board membersOur ancestors have always had the knowledge of  using herbs. We use folk wisdom and bequeathed recipes in addition, we give our best to find the so far undiscovered pearls from nature. We generate and offer natural food supplements.

We are dedicated to offering the highest quality. In the case of herbs, it is essential to know where and when they should be collected, the components may differ regionally and on the level of ripeness. First and foremost, we collect the herbs from Estonia, but if need be also from the pure nature of the Nordic countries.

The team of Ltd. CHAGA comprises of doctors, other medical experts as well as specialists on the field of nature.
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Ltd. Chaga
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Full colour_all inclusiveProject “ORGANIC JELLY CANDY WITH FREEZE DRIED BERRIES” (Organic Candy) Nr32 is supported by Estonia Latvia Cross-border cooperation programme. The main aim of project -co-develop the new innovative product organic jelly candy with freeze dried berries.

Project leading partner is Ltd BIORGANIK5 and project partner in Estonia is company Chaga OU. Project starting date is 1 May 2017 and project will end by the 31 October 2018. The total project budget is 183 209.20 EUR. The 85% or 155 727,82 EUR is financed by Estonia Latvia Cross-border Cooperation programme and 15 % or 27 481.38 EUR is co-financed by project partners. Lets wish a great product development and cross-border cooperation!


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